Photo by Michelle Dillon

I am an Assistant Professor of Environmental Toxicology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Bowling Green State University. I’m currently looking for motivated students to join my lab for master’s and doctoral degrees – please email me for more information and to express your interest!

Check out this article in the Toledo Blade about our work to see if dredged material from Lake Erie can be used safely as an agricultural amendment!

New paper out in IEAM on predicting organismal-level responses using suborganismal data, read it here!

My research focuses on the ecological effects of anthropogenic stressors, specifically environmental toxicants. My research combines theoretical and empirical approaches to understand the effects of a toxicant on individual organisms, identify environmental and ecological feedbacks that impact toxicity, and ultimately extrapolate effects observed at the individual-level to the population-level.

I utilize empirical and theoretical methods to study the effect of contaminants on freshwater ecosystems. I have developed dynamic quantitative models to both help design experiments and explain empirical results. Using this structure, my research focuses on the effects of contaminants on individuals and populations of freshwater organisms and identifying the important feedbacks that occur at the population level with the goal to accurately predict population-level effects of a stressor using suborganismal and individual-level data.

Header images by John E. Stevenson