picked up the story about our ACS Nano paper; read the article “Researchers test the capability of a novel nanoparticle to remove cadmium toxicity from a freshwater system” here.





Check out this press release by the UCSB Current on our paper in ACS Nano on the remediation of cadmium toxicity to freshwater algae by nano-zerovalent iron; read the article “Organic material matters” here.





Katherine Krattenmaker (UCSB ’15), an undergraduate lab assistant in our lab, was interviewed about our research and the opportunities the Worster Fellowship opened for our partnership for the UCSB Current; read the article here.




I was interviewed for and featured in Fortune magazine’s piece on nanotechnology: “The great big question about really tiny materials”; read the article here.






I was interviewed for a University of California Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (UC CEIN) Researcher Spotlight; watch the video here.






Check out this video about my research, life as a scientist, and passion for mentoring and teaching, produced by Michelle Dillon; watch it here.

Header images by John E. Stevenson